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Client Satisfaction Project – Web@dmin and CyberClient Enhancements

News Release

Our February 2013 communiqué announced the launch of our Client Satisfaction Project aimed at improving our Web@dmin and CyberClient tools based on the valuable feedback provided by you and your plan members. Industrial Alliance is pleased to announce that our planned enhancements have been implemented and are now available. These improvements were detailed recently in the news sections of Web@dmin and the Representative Centre.


  • Enrolment Page
    • Various fields were modified or removed for increased efficiency.
    • The on-screen order of the enrolment fields was modified to reflect the layout of our paper forms and the number of fields to be completed was reduced. 
  • Mass Salary Change
    • The Mass Salary Change function will no longer time out during active updates. However, if there is inactivity for over 30 minutes, the session will expire and any changes that are not submitted will be lost. To help avoid this situation, we have added a countdown clock that will appear after 25 minutes of inactivity and will be visible for the remaining 5 minutes. This will remind you that the session is about to expire.
    • Plan administrators can now obtain the new premium following a mass salary change by using the existing "Taxable Benefit and Employer Contribution" report. This report can be accessed in the Mass Salary Transaction History function of Web@dmin, by clicking on the Premium link in the New Premium Calculation column.
    • The New Salary field is now blank in order for plan administrators to indicate the plan member’s new salary to be submitted to Industrial Alliance. The Confirm button has also been renamed to Submit.
  • View and/or Print All Monthly Billings
    • Plan administrators can now view and/or print all applicable billing accounts at one time.
  • Administrator Reports
  • Plan administrators can now request an "Employee Census" and/or a "Dependent Census" report for their active employees and their dependents in PDF or CSV format. These reports can be found in the Bills, Reports and Documents section in Web@dmin.
  • Plan administrators can now request a "Web Transaction" report showing the transactions that have been submitted. This report can be found in the Available Reports menu in the Bills, Reports and Documents section in Web@dmin.


  • Dental Benefit: Plan members can now see the previous and current recall exam expiry date.
  • Coverage: Plan members whose coverage was transferred to another account or class can now see which coverage is active (Division/Class Transfers).
  • Health and Wellness Companion: Plan members whose coverage includes the Health and Wellness Companion benefit will now have a link to access this useful section directly from CyberClient. 


  • Plan members and plan administrators can now create a personalized access code to access their CyberClient and Web@dmin accounts. The additional code will take the form of the user’s email address and will therefore be easy to remember! However, it does not replace the current access codes that can still be used if preferred. The personalized access code can be created in the My Profile section of CyberClient or Web@dmin, which can be found in the upper right corner of the screen.

We would like to thank all plan administrators who responded to our client satisfaction surveys. We greatly value your feedback as it helps us improve your experience with Industrial Alliance. We also encourage you to keep providing us with your feedback. It provides us with valuable insight in order to continuously provide you with superior service.

If you have any questions or if you wish to sign up for Web@dmin (our online tool for plan administrators), please contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance group account executive.