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Payment Methods

News Release

Industrial Alliance offers you the choice of paying your monthly premium using three possible methods.

Pre-authorized withdrawals

To use this payment method, you can obtain the registration form from your Industrial Alliance group service representative.

To ensure rapid processing of your registration form, please remember to:

  • fill out the form 
  • indicate your policy number 
  • include a blank cheque marked "VOID" 
  • return everything to the address given at the bottom of the form


You can make payments over the Internet through most large financial institutions using the following procedure:

  1. Register for the Internet payment service with your banking institution. 
  2. Go to your institution’s website and choose Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. from the list of payees. 
  3. At the time you make your payment, enter the reference number in the space provided. Your personal reference number is composed of the prefix “GR”, followed by 10 digits that make up your policy number (6 digits) and your account number (last 4 digits).
For example, if your policy number is 099999 and your account number is 00001, you would enter the following reference number "GR0999990001" (10 digits). For policy 099999 and account 00002, you would enter "GR0999990002".

Please note that you cannot combine payments for different policies or different accounts. Payments must be made separately.


Make your cheque payable to Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., write your policy number on the back, and send your payment to the address shown on the billing statement. Please include a copy of the premium notice or any other document that will help us to process your payment.

If you have any questions about the payment methods, please contact us by email at