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Continued Improvement in Group Insurance

News Release

As part of our ongoing quest to offer plan members and plan administrators the most positive service experience, we continually review and update all processes to achieve maximum efficiency and eliminate needless steps. In accordance with this commitment to superior service, we are pleased to announce several improvements to current processes:

  1. Explanation of benefits (EOB) remark codes
    • Clarified remark codes for improved understanding by plan members 
  2. Forms
    • Improved medical expenses claim form 
    • Improved health spending account (HSA) claim form for increased transparency 
    • Simplified instructions pertaining to requested documents in order to improve understanding and efficiency 
    • All forms are now available from the and CyberClient home pages
  3. E-claims service
    • Our investigative review process for E-claims has been modified to improve the plan member experience without compromising the effectiveness of our adjudication standards

Our ambition at Industrial Alliance is to be recognized by our clients as the best service provider of group benefits in Canada. We thank you for providing us feedback on our services; this helps us achieve our goal. Stay tuned for more initiatives!

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the Lean activities in progress, please contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance group account executive.