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Thirteenth eContest Winner

News Release

November 7, we had the pleasure of awarding an iPod nano with Multi-Touch and 16 GB flash drive to Claire Harrisson from the province of Quebec!

With direct deposit, claim reimbursements are deposited directly into your plan members’ bank account. With e-notification, plan members are notified by email when their health and dental claims are processed and instructed on how to access their group insurance file online. Thanks to both services, no more need for paper! No more mail delays!

If you’d like to receive a promotional email to encourage your plan members to participate in the eContest, please contact our Client Service Department at 1 877 422-6487. To find out more about the contest, go to

Encourage your plan members to register for direct deposit and e-notification! The next draw is on December 1, 2011!

Simple, efficient, eco-friendly.

Your Industrial Alliance team