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Update: In the Event of a Postal Strike

News Release

For the time being the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has chosen a rotating 24- hour strike strategy. Until further notice, we will send all correspondence by regular mail except for disability benefits, which will continue to be sent by courier service.

To submit a disability claim, please complete the appropriate request form and send it to one of the following fax numbers:

If you don’t already receive your billing statements electronically and would like to make the switch, please call us and we will assist you with the necessary arrangements. Your monthly payments can be received quickly and easily by choosing one of our electronic methods:


You can make payments over the Internet through most large financial institutions using the following procedure:

    1. Register for the Internet payment service with your banking institution. 
    2. Go to your institution’s website and choose Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. from the list of payees. 
    3. When you make your payment, enter the reference number in the space provided. Your personal reference number is composed of the prefix “GR”, followed by 10 digits that make up your policy and your account number.

Preauthorized payment

To use this payment method, you must obtain the enrolment form from your Industrial Alliance group account executive.

Please remember to: 

    1. Fill out the form 
    2. Indicate your policy number 
    3. Send the form with a scan of a void cheque by fax 

For more information, please contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance group
account executive.

We will keep you informed of ongoing developments.