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New Online Health & Wellness Companion

News Release

Industrial Alliance supports its clients’ prevention initiatives by providing quality services adapted to their needs. Therefore, the new online Health & Wellness Companion is now offered. It is a secure, interactive website sanctioned by the Canadian Medical Association that gives plan members access to the following tools:

  • A personalized health profile that is established through questionnaires that evaluate family history, lifestyle and risk factors (nutrition, sleep, stress, physical activity, etc.) and recommends steps to improve health. 
  • A health record that combines member’s personal and family data (illnesses, medication, allergies, vaccinations, etc.) that can be shared with health professionals. 
  • A library filled with reliable information on health, illnesses (asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, mental health, etc.) and medication.

Using data entered by plan members, and respecting the confidentiality of personal information, the Health & Wellness Companion offers plan sponsors:

  • A way to raise awareness among plan members and offer them the necessary resources to make better choices based on their lifestyle and risk factors. 
  • An efficient method to identify risk factors, prioritize specific intervention options and measure their effect and the return on investment over time. 
  • A means to follow trends in employee health which have an impact on healthcare costs and productivity.

The Health & Wellness Companion is free, so plan members can use it as often as they like.

Please contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance group account executive if you have any questions about the new online Health & Wellness Companion.