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Quebec Introduces Coverage for Assisted Procreation Services

News Release

Effective August 5, 2010, the Quebec government introduced coverage under the provincial health plan for assisted procreation services. The coverage is available to all women in Quebec of childbearing age.

Under the provincial health plan, coverage will be provided for three stimulated cycles of in vitro fertilization and up to six cycles for natural or modified natural cycles. In addition, if the in vitro fertilization is successful, a further three stimulated cycles or six natural or modified cycles will be covered if the woman chooses to try for another child.

Drugs used for assisted procreation have been placed on the RAMQ formulary. As a result, plan sponsors will be required to cover them for their Quebec members.

Which Infertility Drugs Have Been Added to the RAMQ Formulary?

The following drugs have been added to the RAMQ formulary, including those on an exception basis:

  • Serophene 
  • Cetrotide 
  • Orgalutran 
  • Puregon 
  • Endometrin 
  • Lutrepulse 
  • Menopur 
  • Ovidrel 
  • Repronex 
  • Bravelle
  • Gonal-f
Potential Impact of the Introduction of Coverage for Assisted Procreation Services

Plan sponsors will not be required to assume the health related costs for in vitro fertilization services. The cost of the services will be covered by the public plan.

We are currently reviewing the impact on plan sponsors of having to cover the infertility drugs that have been added to the RAMQ formulary for their Quebec plan members. Once we have determined the potential impact we will inform you.

For more information on the procreation legislation in Quebec go to:

If you have any questions about the changes to the Quebec provincial health plan and the impact on your group benefits plan, contact your benefits advisor or your Industrial Alliance group account executive.