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15 Contests for your plan members! (PDF - 353.76 kB)
15 Detailed invoices are now available in Quebec pharmacies
15 Important message for users of messenger services (Purolator, ICS Courier, UPS and others) (PDF - 379.37 kB)
15 New dental fee guide in Alberta: a step in the right direction (PDF - 376.35 kB)


18 Agreement in principle between the Government of Quebec and The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
17 Encourage your employees to better understand the price of their prescription drugs


24 Update – Provincial sales tax on insurance premiums in Saskatchewan
21 Quebec pharmacists will be required to provide a more detailed invoice
17 Contribution requirements for the Quebec Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (PDF - 412.59 kB)


19 New tax on insurance premiums in Saskatchewan
16 My Client Space: redesigned for a better experience (PDF - 492.64 kB)


19 iA Financial Group published its 2016 Social Responsibility Report
18 Creation of a new drug insurance plan for people under 25 in Ontario


21 Review of the eligible drugs for the dynamic maintenance drug management program (PDF - 283.82 kB)
21 It’s important to update your plan members’ salaries
21 Ultrasound and optical tomography services now covered by the Quebec public health care plan


31 Now online: PharmAssist, iA Financial Group’s drug management program (PDF - 487.83 kB)
14 Secure messaging: The ideal tool to manage your requests efficiently


23 2016 income tax: producing the health care fee list (PDF - 378.74 kB)
23 Improvements to the medical underwriting process (PDF - 294.78 kB)
23 Contractual changes to improve fraud detection and prevention (PDF - 121.87 kB)
20 Morneau Shepell acquires Solareh and myhealthcheckup replaces the Health & Wellness Companion